“Bahiyyih has a total command of English, an ability to go beyond the superficial meanings of texts, and a capacity to explore the deeper context and relationships between ideas. She combines curiosity with a sense of humour, high intellectual standards with a generosity of mind. I would warmly recommend her as a language coach.”

Augusto Lopez-Claros, Director, Global Indicators and Analysis, World Bank Group

“Although I’m a native speaker, a two-hour coaching session with Bahiyyih on a speech I had to write helped me structure my ideas and language; my boss even said the text was ‘poetic’!”

Ruth Goodwin, Principle Administrative Assistant, Council of Europe

“I found Bahiyyih’s writing workshop and her discreet pedagogical interventions during the discussions a most effective means of stretching the boundaries of my limited language competency.”

Aygen Becquart, Head of Evaluation, Council of Europe.

“Bahiyyih has helped me clarify the sequence of ideas and thoughts in my writing. It has been so useful to have such a sympathetic, intelligent and experienced outsider help with this process.”

Angela Brewer, literary translator, freelance interpreter at the European Parliament and Council of Europe

“Bahiyyih a travaillé sur mes dossiers de développement à soumettre au Centre Nationale du Cinéma de documentaire. Elle permettait de mettre une structure claire au contenu, ouvrait de nouvelles dimensions aux projets. Elle comprenait la structure narrative indispensable à la compréhension du propos.  Exigeante mais efficace elle m’obligeait à plus de rigueur.”

Martine Caillard, responsable de TéléVies

“I found her assistance invaluable both in fine-tuning my professional English which invariably concerns complex and intricate matters, and in developing more persuasive writing skills in Polish, my mother tongue. Her insightful and constructive comments were instrumental in helping me find my personal voice and becoming a published author. She has a great gift of giving people the self-confidence and poise necessary for effective writing.”

Magda Krzyzanowska-Mierzewska, Lawyer, Registry of the European Court of Human Rights.

“She has an eagle eye for logical inconsistencies, a poetic ear for the balance of a phrase, a wonderful dexterity with words and an impeccable attention to detail when it comes to the finished text.”

Professor Farzaneh Milani, Chair and Director of Middle Eastern Studies, University of Virginia

“Bahiyyih Nakhjavani is an experienced teacher and mentor and unfailingly helpful in ways that stimulate your initiative and never overwhelm you. Her suggestions invariably assist individuals to think for themselves whether they are native English speakers or people for whom English is a second-language.”

Louise Mould, Librarian, Holland College

“I am greatly indebted to Bahiyyih who, very sensitively, helped me to find structure and logic for my writing. Language is never more effective than when it is cunningly used to tell stories, to create narratives.”

Ciaran Ross, Professor of English Literature, University of Strasbourg