Curriculum Vitae


Honoris Causa University of Liège, Belgium, “écrivain du monde”, 18 September 2007.

Ph.D. UMass, Amherst, 1978: Voyeurism in 16th century poetry.

B.Phil English & Related Literature, University of York, York, U.K.,1972

B.A. Honours in English Literature, University of York, U.K., 1971


2005-present Writing workshop leader under the auspices of Amicale, Council of Europe, Strasbourg.

1993-2015 English instructor at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture (ENSA) and Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin (HEAR), for courses in narrative structure, graphic communication, visual interpretation, and bi-lingual writing.

2001-2003 English instructor at the Ecole des Mines (EDM), Nancy, for core courses in current affairs and business language for Cambridge Advanced English exams.

1996-1999 Professor for courses on Modern Drama and Literary Aspects of the European Heritage, Miami University European Center, Luxembourg. Professor of American Literature of the 19/20th centuries, Centre Universitaire de Luxembourg, Luxembourg. Affiliate Professor in the MA program on the study of language and culture at the turn of the millennium, Landegg Academy, Switzerland.

1986-89 Assistant Professor of English literature and history at George Washington University with affiliations at the Folger Shakespeare Library and The Smithsonian, Washington D.C.

1984-86 Lecturer in Renaissance Literature, Shakespeare, 19th/20th century poetry and the modern African novel at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone.

1983-84 Assistant professor for 16th / 17th century studies, with special emphasis on Shakespeare & Milton, at York University, Toronto Canada. Assistant professor / contemporary drama at York University, Toronto, Canada


2012-2015 Freelance editor/ghost-writer for articles and book length manuscripts.

2010-2015 Language coach offering tutoring assistance in writing and editing of reports and speeches at the European Parliament and the European Court in Strasbourg.

2002-2015 Co-ordinator for workshops in Creative Writing and Critical Reading, under the auspices of HEAR and the Amicale Association of the Council of Europe.

1992-2002 Consultant/scriptwriter for Token Productions, a film company in France: ‘The Peace Hunters’, a children’s series based on great historical figures 1992/5; ‘Waves of One Sea’, a 22′ documentary about the NGO women’s conference in Dakar, Senegal broadcast at the Beijing Women’s Conference 1994; ‘Les Paroles des Femmes’, a 25′ documentary about integration of immigrant women commissioned by CLAPEST, for ‘Femmes du Monde Entier’, 1993.

1991-2009 Consultant/assistant editor for ‘Veils and Words’ & ‘Words not Swords’ by Farzaneh Milani, Syracus University Press., U.S.

1988-90 Researcher/writer for ‘Smithsonian Project Discovery’, produced by The Smithsonian, Washington D.C: an interactive documentary/ drama series about the intellectual history of the 20th century.

1986-89 Assistant editor for ‘The Shakespeare Quarterly’, a scholarly publication of The Folger Library, Washington D.C. specializing in 16th/17th century studies.


2000-2015 – Book promotions and reading tours with media coverage in major cities in the UK, the US, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Germany, France and the Middle East.

2003-2010 “Syntactical Constructs”: annual week of lectures on Shoghi Effendi’s prose style, The Acuto World Order Series, Italy.

2000 Keynote speaker, Hasan Balyuzi Memorial Lecture, “Fact & Fiction: relationships between history and the imagination” October 2nd.

1997 Presenter at The Arts Forum, Langenhain, Germany, March 1st: “Art and Propaganda”; Keynote speaker Langenhain, Germany, November 1st: “The limits of deconstruction”; MA course, December lectures at Landegg, on “Language and Conflict Resolution”

1996 MA course, December lectures at Landegg on “Language at the Millenium: challenges to democratic discourse.”

1984-1993 : Lecture series 1989/90 on Virgina Woolf, at Smith College, Northampton, Mass. Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill & St John’s, Annapolis, U.S.A

1988-89 Lecture series on the Italian &English Renaissance, The Smithsonian, DC.

1985 Four-part lecture series at Fourah Bay College in Sierra Leone, on The Dilemmas facing the Educated African Woman with the participation of the British Council.


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