This individually tailored coaching service has been designed to meet the needs of writers of varying levels of experience and skill.


Correction of a draft followed by detailed discussion. This basic editing service, highlighting insertions and deletions to correct the use of English in a draft, is followed by an hour-long discussion with the client to go over the grammar, punctuation and word usage in careful detail. These discussions can also include explanations about how to write sentences, paragraphs, and texts as a whole, in order to ensure a clearer sequence of ideas.


Editorial comments on a corrected draft followed by detailed discussion. This in-depth editing service includes comments as well as insertions and deletions.  These can detail the ambiguities in a text, can suggest shorter/longer phrases, more appropriate vocabulary, and points about English grammar and style. The coaching hours needed after an in-depth editing assignment depend on the length of the draft, the number of comments, and the client’s questions.


Evaluation of recurring stylistic problems based on several edited drafts. This overall analysis of several texts is intended to help the client recognize habitual mistakes and learn how to avoid them.  The assessment is based on at least three or four drafts, spanning a minimum of three months’ coaching and editing.  It allows a client to gauge his or her progress over the short-term and can be accompanied by a questionnaire to evaluate and improve the coaching process.

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